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School & Community Supports

Educational, care, and support services have the opportunity to shape the development and experiences of children and adolescents. This includes the staff of day care centres, kindergartens, schools, extra-curricular activities and sports, workplaces, and alike. 

When supporting children or teens who are experiencing difficulties with emotions, or with functioning in areas such as social relationships or academic engagement, it can be tricky to know how to best help them. It can be helpful for professions such as psychology to provide support via various avenues such as:

  • Education to staff about particular mental health issues or developmental conditions, and importantly how they can understand and support individuals to whom this is relevant

  • Ideas for group or classroom activities to help students/others understand a particular issue (e.g. bullying, self-esteem, friendships, mental health)

  • Secondary consultation about particular issues arising among groups or presenting in an individual

If a psychologist is seeing an individual, it may be appropriate for a care team to be established. This will depend on the individual, the presenting concerns, and other factors. A care team would commonly include the individual's therapists, main teachers, parents and/or the individual, and any other people providing support. Collaboration within this team helps to maintain coordinated and informed support of the child/adolescent; helping work towards the best outcomes for him/her.


Please contact us should you wish to discuss any such support.

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